Acid Sulfate Soils Risk

This project has mapped the occurrence of Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) along the coast of NSW and provides information that will assist land management and rehabilitation. In their natural state, these soils are submerged but when exposed or drained, they become oxidised and sulphuric acid is produced. This reduces soil fertility, kills vegetation and reduces fish populations. The identification of the location and extent of potential acid sulfate soils (PASS) is the essential first step in managing this problem. 128 map sheets were mapped for risk of occurrence of ASS at a scale of 1:25,000. This project was co-funded by the Natural Resources Audit Council (NRAC), and was revised in 1997.

In this version, (v2.5), ASS risk maps have not been remapped, however minor attribution changes to the GIS linework have occurred to fix errors and some additional original information has been incorporated into the attribute tables. This data provides maps of elevation, landform process groups and landform elements for the mapped area. The symbology for the ASS probability risk map classes can also now be simplified to reflect only probability, potential depth from the surface and presence of areas with Pleistocene sediments or ASS scalding.

Related Datasets: The dataset area is also covered by the mapping of the Soil and Land Resources of Central and Eastern NSW and Soil Landscapes of Central and Eastern NSW and Hydrogeological landscapes of NSW.

Online Maps: This and related datasets can be viewed using eSPADE (NSW’s soil spatial viewer), which contains a suite of soil and landscape information including soil profile data. Many of these datasets have hot-linked soil reports. An alternative viewer is the SEED Map; an ideal way to see what other natural resources datasets (e.g. vegetation) are available for this map area.

References: Naylor, SD, Chapman, GA, Atkinson, G, Murphy CL, Tulau MJ, Flewin TC, Milford HB, Morand DT, 1998, Guidelines for the Use of Acid Sulfate Soil Risk Maps, 2nd ed., Department of Land and Water Conservation, Sydney.

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Purpose Legislative and Regulatory requirements - identifying areas of potential and known areas of Acid Sulfate Soils along coastal NSW
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