Local government in the Blue Mountains commenced on 4 January 1889, when the Municipality of Katoomba was incorporated. The first Katoomba Council was formed in 1890.

The Kanimbla Shire Council was incorporated on 13 June 1906. At this time the Council covered the major part of the Mountains except for Katoomba.

On 14 December 1919, the separate Municipality of Blackheath was incorporated and taken from the Blue Mountains Shire area. At this stage, there were three Councils operating in the Blue Mountains area and it later became necessary to form a County Council to supervise the distribution of electricity and water supplies in the area.

On 1 July 1944 the Blue Mountains County Council was established. Other duties of this County Council were the supervision and operation of the sewerage schemes.

In May 1946 Katoomba was proclaimed a City. On 1 October 1947 the Municipality of Blackheath, the City Katoomba and the Blue Mountains Shire Council, together with Blue Mountains County Council, were incorporated to become the Blue Mountains City Council.

Further changes took place on 1 January 1980 when the electricity function was transferred to Prospect County Council and on 1 July 1980 when the Metropolitan Water, Sewerage and Drainage Board assumed responsibility for water supply and sewerage services in the City.

Further changes to the structure of local government and Blue Mountains City Council were made on 1 July 1993, when the NSW Local Government Act took effect. This Act changed the responsibilities of the Mayor and Councillors and separated the functions more clearly from those of the General Manager.



Field Value
Jurisdiction Local Government
Website https://www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/
Email council@bmcc.nsw.gov.au
Telephone Lower Mountains (02) 4723 5000 & Upper Mountains (02) 4780 5000
Delivery Point 2-6 Civic Place, Katoomba NSW 2780
City Katoomba & Springwood NSW
Administrative area Blue Mountains Local Government Area
Postal Code 2780
Country Australia