Ballina Shire Council is located in the Northern Rivers of the Far North Coast of New South Wales. It covers an area of 485 km² with a population of approximately 41,000 (2011 Census); a prosperous economy based on building, retail, tourism, hospitality, agriculture and education.

Parts of the Ballina Shire have changed significantly since the last major flood event in the 1980s. Because of our proximity to the coast, high tides also pose a significant flood threat, particularly when combined with floodwater from heavy rain. Sea level rise associated with climate change is also expected to result in more serious flooding in the future. This means it is important to plan for future possible events.

Ballina Shire Council is working to ensure it can do everything possible to make sure communities are aware of the danger and are prepared for a flood emergency.

Ballina Shire Council has undertaken flood investigation work including the Ballina Flood Study Update (2008) and the Ballina Floodplain Risk Management Study (2012).

More recently the Ballina Floodplain Risk Management Plan (2015) was developed to help Council, emergency services such as the SES, and the community, understand the potential for flooding in Ballina Shire. The Plan is a summary document showing the floodplain risk management process and how Ballina Shire Council aims to manage the risk of floods, and provides a framework to implement mitigation strategies.



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Jurisdiction New South Wales Government
Email council@ballina.nsw.gov.au
Organization Source https://flooddata.ses.nsw.gov.au/organization/ballina-shire-council