The City of Albury, located in Wiradjuri country, sits at the centre of the Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide triangle on the Murray River.

Albury's location on the banks of the Murray River and within its catchment areas means the city is vulnerable to flooding - anything from overflowing drains to inundation.

AlburyCity is responsible for local land use planning within its Local Government Area including land on the floodplains of the drainage catchments and the Murray River. The NSW State Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy provides a framework to ensure sustainable use of floodplain environments. Under the Policy, the management of flood liable land remains the responsibility of local government.

The NSW Government’s “Floodplain Development Manual: the management of flood liable land”, April 2005 provides guidance to support the policy. The Manual details the actions required to assist Council’s in meeting their obligations under the policy, which is to plan and manage flood prone land in accordance with its flood exposure. The undertaking of flood studies and the development of flood risk management plans for these areas is an important part of this process.



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Jurisdiction New South Wales Government
Email info@www.alburycity.nsw.gov.au
Organization Source https://flooddata.ses.nsw.gov.au/organization/albury-city-council