The Department of Planning and Environment – Water is providing access to data, information products and data models to the community, the sector and industry to help make water management more transparent.

Who are we?

Our department is responsible for water security and managing NSW water resources, including surface and groundwater management. We also ensure equitable sharing of surface and groundwater resources, and that water entitlements and allocations are secure and tradeable. We improve the security, reliability, quality and resilience of our water resources over the long term through strategic planning at state and regional levels as well as the development of metropolitan and regional infrastructure.

We’re working towards delivering the NSW Government’s water goals, using planning, policy and regulation, and by leading negotiations with the Commonwealth and other jurisdictions.

The NSW Water Strategy includes a priority to build community confidence and capacity through engagement, transparency and accountability. The NSW Water Strategy states we will “improve data management, accessibility and transparency and take an open by default approach to information and data”. We are providing data and information through the SEED portal to fulfil this commitment.

Water Data on SEED

The SEED portal is the central location to discover the department’s open water data.

Data on the SEED Portal is freely available. You do not need to create an account or log in to access data, however, we encourage you to create an account as it will let you to subscribe to individual datasets and be notified when they are updated.

You can also create notifications to alert you when we add any new datasets. To do this, use the ‘Subscribe to Specific Tags’ option and add ‘DPE – Water’. Further information on signing up to SEED, subscribing to datasets and creating notifications is available here.

You can view all our available datasets in our Group: https://datasets.seed.nsw.gov.au/group/dpe-water.

Open Data Roadmap

We are committed to increasing both the number and variety of datasets published to the SEED Portal. We have an ongoing program of work underway to prioritise and publish a backlog of datasets.

Providing open data will support innovation and collaboration to deliver better outcomes.

Feedback and Innovation

Feedback and input are invited on the available water datasets. We also ask for your feedback on the data and information you would like to see released on the SEED Portal. Please email water.dataproducts@dpie.nsw.gov.au with any suggestions or feedback.

We’d love to hear if you’ve created something or found a use for our data.

Contact us at water.dataproducts@dpie.nsw.gov.au to let us know what you’ve created!



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