Wingecarribee Fine-scale Native Vegetation Map (TECs) Version v2.1. VIS_ID 4676 & 4677

The Wingecarribee Shire LGA Vegetation Mapping Project, a collaboration between the Council and the OEH State Vegetation Mapping Program, has produced three vegetation map products. These include the primary thematic layer in this dataset, which is a map of fine-scale scale Plant Community Type (PCT) (see VIS_ID 4670, and two TEC layers described here in this metadata statement

Version 2.0 of all three datasets underwent internal review during May and June 2017. Although the review has been completed, this version (2.1) is currently unavailable until the State Vegetation Type Map for coastal NSW is complete, due June 2019.

These TEC surfaces are derived from the PCT mapping combined with expert rules that interpret the legal / ecological / geographical descriptions (Final Determinations and Listing/Conservation Advices). The ecological rules can be obtained upon request. These feature datsets include feature classes of the candidate extent of select TEC’s.

The TEC_Ext surfaces are more extended surfaces than the standard TEC boundaries and are derived from the presence of relevant PCT’s occurring in the PCTID map surface as well as PCT’s occurring in the EnvPCT2 and EnvPCT3 fields (where modelled probability > 0.3). The EnvPCT2 and EnvPCT3 fields indicate the 2nd and 3rd mostly likely PCT in a polygon respectively according to the modelling. VIS_ID 4676; VIS_ID 4677

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Language English
Alternative Title WingecarribeeSVM_v2_TEC_E_4676; WingecarribeeSVM_v2_TECex_E_4677
Edition 2.0
Purpose For rapid visual reference of TEC mapping for Wingecarribee. This dataset was developed under the OEH WINGECARRIBEE VEGETATION MAPPING AND GREEN WEB CORRIDOR PROPOSAL- JUNE 2015.
Frequency of change As needed
Keywords BOUNDARIES-Biophysical,ECOLOGY-Landscape,FLORA-Native,VEGETATION
Metadata Date 2017-05-25
Date of Asset Creation 2017-05-25
Date of Asset Publication 2017-05-25
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Equivalent Scale 25000
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Record 1
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Geospatial Topic Biota
NSW Place Name Wingecarribee

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Temporal Coverage From 2017-05-25
Datum GDA94 Geographic (Lat\Long)
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