Lismore South East LGA Vegetation 2011. VIS_ID 4479

Fine-scale mapping of vegetation, including Endangered Ecological Communities (EECs) and Koala habitat across the Local Government Area (LGA). The mapping fulfills a fundamental requirement for the development of a Biodiversity Management Strategy (BMS) by Lismore City Council.

The LGA was divided into three zones, designated by colour, reflecting differing levels of available background information, potential for landuse to conflict with biodiversity objectives and other threats. NPWS Estate including National Parks (NPs), Nature Reserves (NRs) and State Conservation Areas (SCAs) as well as State Forests (SFs) were outside the scope of the mapping project.

Original field work was undertaken between November 2010 and June 2011. The mapping project commenced in Nov 2017 using 2009 aerial photography along with Sept 2012 imagery limited to the rural villages of Modanville, Dunoon and Nimbin. From May 2018 onwards the project used high resolution aerial photography taken in April 2018.

Vegetation was classified by API mainly on the basis of spatial patterns, texture and colour calibrated by field observations. Non-plantation vegetation polygons were assigned to vegetation units on the basis of canopy dominant species. Vegetation communities were placed in Keith formations and classes. Vegetation condition was also recorded.

Each vegetation polygon was assigned to a Koala habitat category based only on flora species present.

A list of EECs reported or considered likely to occur in the LGA were also derived.

A reliability code was allocated to each mapped polygon, according to the source of the data and/or the manner in which data was collected.

VIS_ID 4479

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Purpose To map fine-scale vegetation in Lismore LGA
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Temporal Coverage From 2009-01-01 - 2011-12-31
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