Transitional - Sensitive Regulated Land

The Transitional - Sensitive Regulated Land layer is a component of the Native Vegetation Regulatory Map (NVR Map). NVR Map was prepared by Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) under Part 5A of the Local Land Services Act 2013 (LLS Act) and supporting Local Land Services Regulation 2014.

The 2021 annual review of the transitional NVR map was published on 26 March 2021. Please read below for details about changes occurring as a result of the 2021 annual review. The latest version of the map can be viewed online using the NVR Map Viewer.

Section 108 of the Local Land Services Regulation 2014 states that the NVR Map designates Sensitive Regulated Land as a sub-category of category 2-regulated land and lists the types of land to be included.

Datasets compiled to generate the Sensitive Regulated Land layer include those identifying land that:

  • has been declared as a Ramsar wetland (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999)

  • is under a private land conservation agreement

  • is Coastal Wetland or Littoral Rainforests mapped under State Environmental Planning Policy (Coastal Management) 2018

  • is native vegetation required to be retained within forestry plantations under the Plantations and reafforestation Act 1999

  • is an offset under a property vegetation plan or other approval

  • is a set-aside under the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code 2018 or under the Native Vegetation Regulation 2013.

  • is an approved conservation measure as part of a Biodiversity Certification of land under Part 8 of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

  • contains critically endangered ecological communities or plants

  • is considered to be core koala habitat under an approved Koala Plan of Management

  • is subject to a remedial action or;

  • was mapped as old-growth forest or rainforest under the Comprehensive Regional Assessment undertaken for the Regional Forest Agreements.

The inclusion an/or update of these layers on the NVR map requires the approval of the Secretary DPIE or delegate.

Changes to the mapping of Sensitive Regulated Land introduced in the publish of the Revised Transitional NVR Map on 26 March 2021 included:

  • additions to category 2 – sensitive regulated land of set-aside areas approved between February 2020 and July 2020 under the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code 2018

  • Critically Endangered Plants – Refinements to mapping of some critically endangered plants.

  • Critically Endangered Ecological Communities – Refinements to mapping of some critically endangered ecological communities in the Greater Sydney region.

  • Private Native Forestry Old Growth Forest and Rainforest – Updates to mapping of Old Growth Forest and Rainforest via private native forestry code approvals under Part 5B or land holder- initiated reviews under Part 5A of the Local Land Service Act 2013.

  • Property Vegetation Plans – Updates to term incentive property vegetation plans (PVP) agreements under the Native Vegetation Act 2003, for which the term has expired.

  • Biodiversity Conservation Trust agreements – Refinements of, and updates to conservation agreements managed by the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust.

The data is provided as multi value raster that identifies the Sensitive Regulated Land, Vulnerable Regulated Land and where Sensitive and Vulnerable Land overlaps.

Pixel values:

3 - Vulnerable Regulated Land

4 - Sensitive Regulated Land

6 - Where Sensitive and Vulnerable Regulated Land overlap (display class)

Spatial datasets compiled in the Sensitive Regulated Land layer are sourced from Department Planning Industry and Environment, Environment Protection Authority, Biodiversity Conservation Trust, Department of the Environment and Energy and NSW Local councils.

Data on the NVR viewer is updated on a monthly basis for Landholder initiated Map Reviews and other minor data changes.

Please contact Department of Planning Industry and Environment data broker on for additional information.

Data and Resources

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Field Value
Data Type Raster
Alternative Title Sensitive Regulated Land
Metadata Date 26/11/2019
Date Created 04/11/2019
Date Revised 01/08/2021
Date Published 26/03/2021
Edition 3
Purpose Legislative and regulatory requirements
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Update Frequency Data is updated as deemed necessary
Keywords Native Vegetation Regulations Map,Sensitive Regulated Land,NVR Map

Dataset extent

Geospatial Topic Environment
Language English
Temporal Coverage From 01/11/1999 - 01/08/2021
Datum GDA94 Geographic (Lat\Long)
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Legal Disclaimer Read
Attribution Department of Planning, Industry and Environment asserts the right to be attributed as author of the original material in the following manner: "© State Government of NSW and Department of Planning, Industry and Environment 2021"

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