NSW Woody Vegetation Extent & FPC 2011

The NSW Woody Vegetation Extent & FPC 2011 is a state-wide classification of woody vegetation and Foliage Projection Cover (FPC) derived from multitemporal 5m SPOT-5 satellite imagery. The product broadly identifies isolated tree crowns as well as contiguous forest at a 5m resolution and each woody pixel also contains a measure of FPC. FPC is the fraction of the ground that is obscured by green leaf, and is a measure of density.

This latest map of woody vegetation extent and FPC for NSW is the highest detailed to date. It shows the location, extent, and foliage cover for stands of woody vegetation in NSW for the year 2011. It can be used to identify small features such as paddock trees and trees in scattered woodlands, to the largest expanses of forest in the state. It is intended for use in non-urban environments.

The dataset is delivered as a 5m raster product with the following cell values: Contains the following cell values only: 101 - 200: Woody FPC 100: Non-Woody 99: Not woody, ephemeral water 98: Permanent of semi-permanent water 97: Not mapped 96: No observations 0: Null

Overall state accuracy for the woody extent (fpc validation pending) is recorded at 90.1% when compared to Lidar datasets (see lineage for more information), and 88% when compared to 6670 visually derived validation points. Although this dataset has undergone extensive manual corrections, the accuracy for specific regions may vary considerably.

FPC values: To convert woody FPC pixel values (101 - 200) to standard units of FPC apply the following equation: FPC = pixel_value * 0.01 – 1.0 For example a pixel value of 101 is a FPC of 0.01, and a pixel value of 150 is a FPC of 0.50 etc.

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Purpose The map is suited to many applications including property planning, mapping and cartography, local government planning, risk assessment, such as in fire-prone areas, native vegetation mapping and habitat identification and mapping. The measure of FPC was also used produced as a powerful indicator of woody vegetation and used to create the binary classification of woody extent. Both the extent and the FPC are used by the OEH Native Vegetation Information Branch for their regional scale state-wide vegetation mapping program.
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Temporal Coverage From 2011-01-01 - 2011-12-31
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