NSW Landuse 2007

A data set of land use between June 2000 and June 2007 for New South Wales. Land use is classified to three separate classification schemes. These classification schemes are:3

  • NSW Land Use Mapping Program (LUMAP).
  • NSW SCALD (Standard Classification for Attributes of Land) Classification
  • ALUM (Australian Land Use and Management) Classification.

The LUMAP Classification is DECC's most recent classification for mapping of land use classes for NSW. It is a simple numeric classification, open-ended to enable additional classes to be added.

Prior to LUMAP, the SCALD classification was the standard for mapping of land use in NSW. It is a combined alpha-numeric classification system.

The ALUM classification is based upon the modified Baxter & Russell classification and presented according to the specifications contained in

Version 6 of the classification describes the land use classes. Earlier copies of the data set may have used Versions 4 or 5.

The mapping was commenced in April 2001 and completed by June 2007. The date of the data set is set as the land use occurring at the time the satellite imagery was acquired, which can range from 1999 to 2006. This dataset was updated in May 2011 to include values in the vacant attribute fields of Source, Source Date, Source Scale, Reliability and LU Mapping Date.

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Field Value
Data Type Vector
Metadata Date 01/10/2007
Date Created 01/10/2007
Date Revised 04/08/2011
Date Published 23/07/2010
Edition Not known
Purpose Legislative and Regulatory requirements
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Update Frequency Frequency of maintenance is not known
Keywords LAND
Equivalent Scale 50000
Geospatial Topic environment
Language English
Temporal Coverage From 01/10/1999 - 01/10/2007
Datum GDA94 Geographic (Lat\Long)
Landing page
Legal Disclaimer Read
Attribution Department of Planning, Industry and Environment asserts the right to be attributed as author of the original material in the following manner: "© State Government of NSW and Department of Planning, Industry and Environment 2010"

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