NSW Imagery Date Web Service

The NSW Imagery date web service provides access to a repository of the footprint Spatial Services (DCS) standard imagery covering NSW, plus additional sourced imagery. It contains the footprint of LANDSAT® satellite imagery, standard 50cm orthorectified imageries, High resolution 10cm Town Imageries. It also contains the footprint of high resolution imageries within multiple areas of NSW within Spatial Services (DCS) maintained projects and captured by AAM and Jacobs (previously SKM). This web service is updated periodically when new imageries are available. The imageries are shown progressively from scales larger than 1:150,000 higher resolution imagery overlays lower resolution imagery and most recent imagery overlays older imagery within each resolution. The footprint provides an approximate imagery capture date and an extent for all the image categories. The service is available in a cached environment only. This dataset is compliant with the NSW FSDF and its specifications.

NOTE: Please contact for advice on datasets access.

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Custodian Spatial Services (DCS)
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Topic and category Boundaries
Type dataset
Date Created 1 January 2014
Last updated 11 October 2017

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