NSW Cadastre Web Service

NSW Cadastre web service is a dynamic map of cadastral features extracted from the NSW Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB). It provides access to a state wide integrated database and a component of the foundation spatial datasets within the New South Wales. A “cadastre” is an official register of property showing boundaries. The DCDB contains current land titles only. The cadastral feature class layers provided through this web service includes:

  • Large Rural Plan Extent
  • Rural Plan Extent
  • Section Extent
  • Plan Extent
  • Lot
  • Plan Extent Labels
  • Section Extent Labels
  • Lot Labels

The available attributes for point queries are:

  • Lot/Section/Plan string
  • CadID

NOTE: Please contact for advice on datasets access.

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Field Value
Custodian Spatial Services (DCS)
Author Email
Topic and category Planning Cadastre
Frequency of change As needed
Type dataset
Date Created 30 June 2014
Last updated 11 October 2017

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