NSW biodiversity outlook report 2024 data packages

This landing page is the collection of links to data packages supporting the NSW biodiversity outlook report 2024 of the NSW Biodiversity Indicator Program.

NSW Biodiversity Indicator Program

The Biodiversity Indicator Program reports on the state and trends over time of biodiversity and ecological integrity in New South Wales. The program was established by the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. We have developed a framework of indicators to help scientists, managers and policy-makers understand the current state of biodiversity, how it has changed from the past, and how it is likely to change in the future.

NSW biodiversity outlook report

The NSW Biodiversity Outlook Report is a summary of the state of biodiversity and ecological integrity in New South Wales. It is based on rigorous science and has been peer reviewed by recognised experts. New reports are published from time to time as data become available and are analysed. Each report covers the set of indicators from the framework that have been developed and are ready for publication at that time.

The 2024 outlook report updates the indicators previously reported in 2020 and introduces 4 new indicators. Case studies are used to provide further insights. Some indicators that are under development are presented as research highlights.

Report cards and data packages

The 2024 outlook report is supported by separate report cards that provide more detailed indicator results and commentary. Each report card is supplemented by a data package providing tabular results and raw output such as spatial layers. Data packages reflect results as presented in the report card and the 2024 outlook report, creating an archive of the indicator results at the time of analysis.

Data packages and report cards are released once approved. A summary table (“NSW biodiversity outlook report 2024 summary table”) containing all the results presented in the 2024 outlook report is available on this page. All information required to understand the summary table is in the outlook report.

Implementation reports

Implementation reports describe in technical detail how indicators are calculated. In combination with the corresponding data package, indicator results can be replicated by anyone with sufficient technical expertise.

Indicators are continually improved

Results may differ between reports due to continual improvements in science and data. The Biodiversity Indicator Program is committed to continually improving indicators, so we update results where methods and data have improved since the results were previously reported. There can be lags between when changes in the state of biodiversity happen, when data become available for analysis, and when we publish results. Our process ensures that our science and research supports our decision making with the best available evidence at the time.

Data and Resources

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Keywords ECOLOGY,ECOLOGY-Community,ECOLOGY-Ecosystem,ECOLOGY-Habitat,ECOLOGY-Landscape
Field of Research (optional) Ecology
Metadata Date 2024-01-22
Date of Asset Creation 2024-01-22
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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  • Biota
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NSW Place Name New South Wales

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Temporal Coverage From 2007-01-01 - 2024-12-31
Datum GDA94 Geographic (Lat\Long)
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