Mudgee Local Creeks Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan Volume 1 Draft Study and Plan

This Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for the Mudgee Local Creeks has been prepared as part of a Government program to mitigate the impacts of major floods and reduce the hazards in the floodplain. Figure 1.1 shows the study area which comprises the urban part of town on the southern bank of the Cudgegong River. This area is drained by seven creeks in addition to Redbank Creek, which was included in the Mudgee Floodplain Management Study and Plan (Bewsher Consulting, 2002). That study dealt with mainstream flooding from the Cudgegong River which also influences flooding near the junctions with the creeks.

The seven creeks investigated in the present study comprise Catchments A to F and Sawpit Gully.

The Brief for the study issued by Council generally follows the scope of work required for a Floodplain Risk Management Study as identified in the Floodplain Development Manual (FDM, 2005). The NSW Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy and the FDM, 2005 form the basis of floodplain management in the State. Figure 1.2 shows the steps involved in the floodplain management planning process.

This report is Volume 1 of the overall investigation and sets out the findings of the Floodplain Risk Management Study and contains the draft Plan. The results of the updated flood investigations of the various creeks are presented in Volume 2.

Section 2 of the Study contains information on baseline flooding conditions on the floodplains, including a review of existing planning policies, assessment of the impacts of flooding on the community, flood warning and preparedness and environmental considerations.

Section 3 is a review of possible Floodplain Management Measures which could be included in the Plan.

Section 4 details the selection of Floodplain Management Measures. Floodplain Management strategies were assessed using a multi-objective approach based on technical, financial, environmental and social considerations and a preferred strategy outlined.

Section 5 presents the elements of the draft Floodplain Risk Management Plan.

Section 6 contains a list of definitions of flood related terms used in the study

Section 7 contains a list of references.

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