Estuaries (including macrophyte detail)

The Estuaries datasets contain the water boundary of each estuary in NSW up to its tidal limits and includes areas vegetated with the macrophytes; seagrass, mangrove, and saltmarsh. A survey of the tidal limits was carried out between 1996 and 2005 by Manly Hydraulics Laboratory on behalf of the Department of Natural Resources. Coordinates of the tidal limits were mapped, tributary waterway areas extended up to the surveyed tidal limits, and a boundary digitised between the upper (fluvial) catchment draining directly to the river system above the tidal limits and the lower (estuarine) catchment draining directly to the estuary and its tributaries. The catchment area draining into each estuary has been defined as two GIS spatial layers - EstuaryDrainageCatchmentBdy (line feature) and EstuaryDrainageCatchment (polygon feature) - based on the digitising of catchments for the NSW Stressed Rivers Assessments conducted for the water sharing plan process. ; ; A nine stage method was used to create the Estuaries_MacrophyteDetail dataset and details how existing spatial data were combined from a number of agencies and projects and developed through consultation with the existing knowledge base of individuals and reports. Two datasets were created, one including the extent of the three different macrophyte types (this dataset), the other merging macrophyte extent with the estuary water surface. These layers were required for calculating basic physical characteristics of each estuary such as area, depth, volume, dilution and flushing; modelling of catchment runoff; development of a new chlorophyll response-based classification system for NSW estuaries and normalising pressures for valid comparisons between estuaries. Separate fluvial and estuary catchments were required for future investigation of causal relationships between catchment pressures above or below the tidal limits and estuary health.; ; NB. The macrophyte information is retained in the attribute table in this dataset.

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Purpose This estuary dataset was developed under a new Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) Program initiated by the NSW Government in 2007 to assess and better manage the health of natural resources across the State. The MER Program is in response to the NSW Natural Resources MER Strategy which has the objective of providing appropriate information for decision-making by natural resource managers.
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