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Dust data in an indicator of soil and catchment health. The assumption is that if wind erosion is occurring and dust is being transported away from the site, then the soil is degrading.

Dust data is stored in the DustWatch data base. Dust concentration measurements are sourced from the DustWatch Node network described in Leys et al. 2008 ( The PM10 data are sampled with DustTrak sensors, a portable, battery-operated laser photometer that gives real-time mass concentration within the particle-size range 0.1 to approximately 10 micrometres. The sensors are enclosed in the manufacturer's field enclosure and have been modified to operate remotely and with minimal maintenance. One minute data is averaged to hourly values.

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Purpose Provide measurements of dust activity across NSW.
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Keywords SOIL-Erosion,SOIL
Field of Research (optional) Wind Erosion
Metadata Date 2005-01-07
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