Draft Vegetation map data, Putty Valley, 2008. VIS_ID 4174

Vegetation mapping of the Putty Valley. For more information see: DECC (2008) The Native Vegetation of the Putty Valley. Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW, Hurstville. This report describes and maps the native vegetation communities of the Putty Valley, situated on the northern border of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment. It aims to provide the technical information and supporting mapping resources to assist the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority (HNCMA) to meet biodiversity targets under the Catchment Action Plan. In particular the results of this mapping project will assist both HNCMA and DECC in guiding recovery planning efforts under the NSW Threatened Species Priorities Action Statement for a number of endangered ecological communities and species. The provision of detailed vegetation mapping data in the Putty Valley area contributes to the establishment of a consistent catchment wide vegetation. It is the first time the native vegetation of the study area has been surveyed and described in detail. Classification and mapping work completed for this project extends the extensive survey and mapping efforts DECC has undertaken in the surrounding reserve system. Together with other work, these data will form the basis for a consistent catchment wide vegetation map and resource. The Putty Valley study area comprises almost 40 000 hectares of private, State Forest and crown land tenures. This study has undertaken detailed survey involving over 50 systematic field sites and detailed mapping and traverse using 1:25 000 scale aerial photography. Field survey recorded over 500 native species, of which one, Rutidosis heterogama, is listed under the NSW Threatened Species Act, 1995. Analysis of data identified 20 native vegetation communities in the study area. Three endangered ecological communities listed under the NSW Threatened Species Act, 1995 were also identified. Each are associated with the alluvial valleys of the study area and include River-flat eucalypt forest, Swamp Sclerophyll Forest and Freshwater Wetlands on coastal floodplains of the NSW North Coast, Sydney Basin Forest and South East Corner Bioregions. VIS_ID 4174

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Purpose To map native vegetation in the Putty Valley.
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