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  • upper-lachlan-shire-council
    NSW Flood Data Portal

    Upper Lachlan Shire Council

    The Upper Lachlan Local Government Area has a population of 7547(ABS Census...

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  • uralla-shire-council
    NSW Flood Data Portal

    Uralla Shire Council

    Uralla Shire is a medium sized NSW rural Council with an area of 3,215 sq km...

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  • wagga-wagga-city-council
    NSW Flood Data Portal

    Wagga Wagga City Council

    Wagga Wagga is located on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in the south...

    32 Datasets
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  • walcha-council
    NSW Flood Data Portal

    Walcha Council

    Walcha in the south-eastern edge of the Northern Tablelands is situated some...

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  • walgett-shire-council
    NSW Flood Data Portal

    Walgett Shire Council

    Walgett Shire is situated in the far north west of New South Wales. The Shire...

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  • warren-shire-council
    NSW Flood Data Portal

    Warren Shire Council

    Warren Shire in western NSW is home to approximately 2,900 people and covers...

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  • water-new-south-wales

    Water New South Wales (WNSW)

    WaterNSW is Australia’s largest water supplier and NSW’s major supplier of...

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  • waverley-council
    NSW Flood Data Portal

    Waverley Council

    Waverley Council operates within the boundaries of its Local Government Area...

    1 Dataset
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  • weddin-shire-council
    NSW Flood Data Portal

    Weddin Shire Council

    Weddin Shire is located in Central West NSW and includes the township of...

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  • wentworth-shire-council
    NSW Flood Data Portal

    Wentworth Shire Council

    Wentworth Shire covers an area of 2,616,926 hectares (26,000 sq km) and has a...

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