Marsh Club-Rush Extent and Condition in the Gwydir Wetlands and Floodplain 2015. VIS_IDs 4687 to 4692

These polygons are from the Vegetation Extent and Condition Map of the Gwydir Wetlands and Floodplain 2008 and 2015. VIS_ID 4687, 4688, 4689, 4690, 4691, 4692. Includes the following datasets: MarshClubRush_2014_V1_E_4687 MarshClubRush_2015_E_4688 MCR_BigLeather_2017_E_4689 MCR_BigLeatherRamsar2017_E_4690 MCR_Bunnor_2017_E_4691 MCR_LowerGwydir_2017_E_4692

Note that the technical report is in preparation.

Data relate to Gwydir Extent & Condition map (see VIS_ID 4686)

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Field Value
Data Type Vector
Alternative Title MarshClubRush_2014_V1_E_4687; MarshClubRush_2015_E_4688; MCR_BigLeather_2017_E_4689; MCR_BigLeatherRamsar2017_E_4690; MCR_Bunnor_2017_E_4691; MCR_LowerGwydir_2017_E_4692
Metadata Date 22/11/2017
Date Created 21/11/2017
Date Published 23/11/2017
Edition 1
Purpose vegetation extent and condition
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Update Frequency Frequency of maintenance is not known
Keywords BOUNDARIES-Biophysical,ECOLOGY-Landscape,FLORA-Native,VEGETATION

Dataset extent

Equivalent Scale 0
Geospatial Topic Biota
Language English
NSW Place Name Gwydir
Temporal Coverage From 17/03/2008 - 22/09/2015
Datum GDA94 Geographic (Lat\Long)
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