HEV Strategic Planning Mapping and Governance Guide

Download URL: https://datasets.seed.nsw.gov.au/dataset/47669003-969d-4333-8ac3-4c89f1e12b93/resource/cb1b8665-8a23-4166-a369-c9c25589e3ac/download/hevstratplanningmappinggovguide.pdf

This is a general guide to HEV mapping and governance in the state. The document describes in detail the different attributes and values that have been used to map HEV across the state and shows the specifications within the data structure (fields, structure etc). Please note that not all Regional Planning Study areas include all the listed attributes in this document. For a full list of the included attributes for this HEV record, please see the metadata statement which will list the values included (in the 'Lineage' section).

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Data last updated 30 May 2018
Created 30 May 2018
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