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The excel document “Tree Canopy Summarised by LGA and Suburb (2022 and 2019)’’ provides statistics for canopy cover for the metropolitan urban area of Greater Sydney. The primary 2022 data was calculated using the underlying 2022 raster imagery, the comparison 2019 dataset was calculated using the 2019 raster imagery modified to the same boundaries as the 2022 dataset. The statistics are summarised by Local Government Area and suburb, for the 2019 and 2022 Greater Sydney canopy datasets. The statistics have been summarised for the metropolitan urban area of Greater Sydney as this is the geographic area previously analysed.

Statistics for the Total LGA and Suburb areas for the 2019 dataset have also been included for reference.

Best efforts were made to develop comparable statistics for the 2019 and 2022 canopy datasets using the raster base imagery. However due to differences in data acquisition and processing methods, there may be some variation in the summary statistics. Care should be taken when comparing canopy cover between datasets, especially in LGAs with a lower proportion of Metropolitan Urban Area, as some observed differences may be a result of variations in methodologies rather than actual change in canopy cover.

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