Southern Mallee Private Reserves

Reserves on Leasehold land in the Southern Mallee Planning Group Region. These Reserves are parcels where the lease conditions have been altered to ensure conservation in perpetuity. The tenure remains Western Lands Leasehold. The conditions are to prohibit grazing and actively manage the areas for conservation. These reserves and conditions were agreed to by leaseholders, the former NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation and the Western Lands Commission. The reserves are to offset clearing of other areas of vegetation for cropping by the leaseholders. The Southern Mallee Planning Group was set up under the previous Native Vegetation Conservation Act and the clearing was approved under the EP&A Act. The Southern Mallee Plan specifically includes the development of a Comprehensive Adequate and Representative reserve system within the overall framework of the plan. This plan also sets targets for representation of each vegetation type in reserves.

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Alternative Title Southern Mallee Land Use Agreements
Metadata Date 01/06/2000
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Purpose For more information, see:SMRPC (1999). Southern Mallee Regional Guidelines for the Development of Land Use Agreements to address clearing, cultivation, nature conservation and cultural heritage issues. Final Draft. Southern Mallee Regional Planning Committee.Freudenberger, D., Noble, J., & Morton, S. (1997). A comprehensive, adequate and representative reserve system for the Southern Mallee of NSW: Principles and Benchmarks. Report prepared for the NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation and Southern Mallee Regional Planning Committee, CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology, Canberra.Department of Land and Water Conservation Buronga/SMRPC (1997). Regional planning for clearing and cultivation in the southern Mallee, NSW (draft). Dept. of Land and Water Conservation and the Southern Mallee Regional Planning Committee, Buronga, NSW.
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