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The Grid Garage Toolbox is designed to help you undertake the Geographic Information System (GIS) tasks required to process GIS data (geodata) into a standard, spatially aligned format. This format is required by most, grid or raster, spatial modelling tools such as the Multi-criteria Analysis Shell for Spatial Decision Support (MCAS-S). Grid Garage contains 36 tools designed to save you time by batch processing repetitive GIS tasks as well diagnosing problems with data and capturing a record of processing step and any errors encountered.

Grid Garage provides tools that function using a list based approach to batch processing where both inputs and outputs are specified in tables to enable selective batch processing and detailed result reporting. In many cases the tools simply extend the functionality of standard ArcGIS tools, providing some or all of the inputs required by these tools via the input table to enable batch processing on a 'per item' basis. This approach differs slightly from normal batch processing in ArcGIS, instead of manually selecting single items or a folder on which to apply a tool or model you provide a table listing target datasets. In summary the Grid Garage allows you to:

  • List, describe and manage very large volumes of geodata.
  • Batch process repetitive GIS tasks such as managing (renaming, describing etc.) or processing (clipping, resampling, reprojecting etc.) many geodata inputs such as time-series geodata derived from satellite imagery or climate models.
  • Record any errors when batch processing and diagnose errors by interrogating the input geodata that failed.
  • Develop your own models in ArcGIS ModelBuilder that allow you to automate any GIS workflow utilising one or more of the Grid Garage tools that can process an unlimited number of inputs.
  • Automate the process of generating MCAS-S TIP metadata files for any number of input raster datasets.

The Grid Garage is intended for use by anyone with an understanding of GIS principles and an intermediate to advanced level of GIS skills. Using the Grid Garage tools in ArcGIS ModelBuilder requires skills in the use of the ArcGIS ModelBuilder tool.

Download Instructions: Create a new folder on your computer or network and then download and unzip the zip file from the GitHub Release page for each of the following items in the 'Data and Resources' section below. There is a folder in each zip file that contains all the files. See the Grid Garage User Guide for instructions on how to install and use the Grid Garage Toolbox with the sample data provided.

Data and Resources

  • Data Quality StatementPDF

    Data quality statement for Grid Garage ArcGIS Toolbox

  • Grid Garage V3.1 ArcGIS ToolboxZIP

    Grid Garage V3.1 ArcGIS Toolbox. See instructions in the Grid Garage User...

  • Grid Garage V3.1 User GuideURL

    Grid Garage ArcGIS Toolbox User Guide. Also contains technical documentation...

  • Grid Garage Sample Data v1.0.2URL

    Sample Data v1.0.2 for use with Grid Garage V3.1 ArcGIS Toolbox User Guide...

Metadata Summary What is metadata?

Field Value
Metadata Date 15/08/2017
Date Created 18/03/2016
Date Revised 15/08/2017
Date Published 15/08/2017
Edition 3.10
Purpose Manage and manipulate spatial data
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Update Frequency Frequency of maintenance is not known
Keywords software
Field of Research biological science

Dataset extent

Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors
Geospatial Topic Environment
Language English
Temporal Coverage From 06/03/2017
Datum GDA94 Geographic (Lat\Long)
Landing page
Legal Disclaimer Read
Attribution Department of Planning, Industry and Environment asserts the right to be attributed as author of the original material in the following manner: "© State Government of NSW and Department of Planning, Industry and Environment 2017"

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