Asset Infrastructure - Lookout

The Lookout Feature Class sits within the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Assets Geodatabase. The Lookout point layer includes both On-ground Lookouts and Viewing Platforms.

The Assets Geodatabase is directly related to the Assets Maintenance System (AMS) which runs under SAP and contains similar fields, values and business rules. The Assets Geodatabase is the vehicle in which spatial assets are initially captured, edited and stored so that the features have coordinates and can be viewed spatially. The data is collected across the entire NSW National Parks Estate and includes some off-park features for fire management, access and mapping purposes. The spatial feature data is manually synchronised with the AMS. The two systems run side by side and are linked by an ID field. AMS is also set up to be used by other OEH Divisions eg. Botanic Gardens and Parklands and previously Marine Parks.

The database includes the following asset Feature Class types - Barrier, Bridge or Elevated Walkway, Building, Communication Equipment, Crossing, Drainage Point, Environmental Monitoring Station, Extractive industry, Facility, Fence Handrail, Fire Management Zone, Gate, Hydraulic Point, Hydraulic Storage Point, Hydraulic Valve, Irrigation System, Landing, Landing Strip, Lookout, Natural Feature, Other Structure, Parking Area, Pipe Channel Section, Power or Communication line, Power or Communication point, Sign, Step point, Stormwater Drainage Line, Surface, Survey Mark, Tower, Track Section, Treatment Disposal System, Visitor Area, Visitor Monitoring Point. Detailed documentation is available including: - Data Dictionary (internal location - P:\Corporate\Tools\Information\Assets) - Data Model - Business Rules - Functional Location and Naming Convention

Note that for external supply the dataset is simplified with certain attribute fields being removed. Those fields that have a name prefixed with "d_" contain descriptions extracted from the original geodatabase domains.

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Field Value
Data Type Vector
Alternative Title NPWS Lookouts
Metadata Date 27/06/2017
Date Created 01/01/2008
Date Revised 09/07/2021
Date Published 09/06/2017
Edition 09/07/2021
Purpose The Assets Maintenance System and the Assets Geodatabase have been developed to provide:- A corporate master list of all owned and or/maintained assets.- A scheduling tool to efficiently allocate resources to priority asset maintenance tasks.- The ability to document the total asset maintenance task facing the division, including the deferred liability from maintenance not done.- A corporate reporting tool to support analysis, management and decision making at a range of levels.- A spatial component to assist in the production of maps for areas such as Plans of Management, Reserve Fire Management Strategies, Fire Incidents, Brochures, Information Panels etc as well as spatial reporting.
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Update Frequency Data is updated as deemed necessary
Keywords Assets,Infrastructure,Lookouts,Views

Dataset extent

Equivalent Scale 25000
Geospatial Topic Structure
Language English
NSW Place Name NSW NPWS Estate
Temporal Coverage From 01/01/2008 - 09/07/2021
Datum GDA94 Geographic (Lat\Long)
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